Public Safety

One of the great things about the 20th district is the welcomed presence of current and retired law enforcement. As the son of a former Chicago police officer, Michael has a fond, unbridled respect for the incredibly brave work that police officers and firefighters do day in and day out. His passion for public service has been greatly inspired by his friends and family in law enforcement. Michael has been a leading police and fire advocate in Springfield. He fights to protect the promised pensions of those who daily risk their lives to keep our streets safe and protect our communities.

The city of Chicago is facing a gun-violence crisis. Michael is a strong proponent of the 2nd Amendment and the rights of Illinois gun owners. But he also believes in safe and secure rules surrounding gun ownership. Michael knows that to protect the constitutional rights of gun owners and to keep the general public safe, measures need to be in place to ensure bad actors in our society are not allowed firearm access.