O’Hare Noise Relief

A resident of Oriole Park, Michael knows how inconvenient the air traffic noise can be to our daily lives. O’Hare International Airport has one of the country’s busiest airways and is a significant employer in the area. But there needs to be a more effective way of ensuring that the homes of local residents are taken into consideration. That’s why Michael has been an unrelenting exponent to find a solution to the problem. Michael introduced the McAuliffe O’Hare Noise Initiative in 2014. The noise relief petition includes (i) a call to establish local federal hearings so residents of the 20th district can divulge personal accounts of the true impact of how increased air traffic has diminished their quality of life and environment, (ii) an initiation of a comprehensive noise and environmental impact study to accurately show the consequences caused by new traffic patterns at O’Hare—so as to bring relief to those that are most impacted, and (iii) a delivery of immediate noise relief to families through the swift expansion of sound insulation programs.

Down in Springfield, Michael has cosponsored bipartisan legislation that calls for the expansion of airport noise monitoring measures to improve the noise contour and to reduce the burden on 20th district residents. Michael has worked to get tax credits for residents living under the new flight path and has further worked to obtain incentives for airlines that adhere to the Fly Quiet rules.